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Algorithm creator(s)

Abraham Lempel, Jakob Ziv

PB author(s)

Semen Matusovski


LZ78, like LZ77, has slow compression but very fast decompression. LZ78 is faster than LZ77 but doesn't always achieve as high a compression ratio as LZ77.


The biggest advantage LZ78 has over the LZ77 algorithm is the reduced number of string comparisons in each encoding step.



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Source Code

Download source code file lz78.bas (Right-click -> "Save as ...")

'"Clean" LZ78 algorithm (like I understand it).
'Written from "zero" base 
'(using mathematical description only).
'Some notes:
'1) This is exactly LZ78 (not patented). 
'I especially didn't read LZW description, but when I wrote a first variant and then read, I found that I did LZW (which I didn't want).
'The main difference - LZW uses pre-allocated one-letter words (for all ASCII) and didn't write them into the file.
'When I wrote a program, I understood that this way is very natural.
'Don't know, how it was possible to patent such moment (it's like patent for digits 0 & 1 ) ...
'Anyway I returned a program to canonic LZ78 form (initial dictionary is empty) and I need to output "roots".
'Really, not a big problem - I use a big dictionary, and if to compress a file of hundreds KB, we increase compressed size per 1-2% only. 
'2) LZ77/LZSS compresses better, but LZ78 works much faster.
'3) Unlike Huffman's algo, LZ encodes seriously slowly, but decodes extremely fast.
'4) "Serious" arhivators combine many methods together and use LZSS, not LZ78.
'So don't expect the same ratio as in pkzip/arj/rar.
'Probably, i'll try to construct advanced algo (and I saw C implementations, such as LZHUF by LHA author), but it's not so simple to understand them, using a code only. 
#Compile Exe
#Register None
#Dim All
$SourceFile      = "C:\System.1st" ' <-- Change me
$TargetFile      = "C:\System.Lz"
%nTest           = 1 ' to have correct timing
%LZ78_DICTIONARY = 65535?? ' < 64K
%LZ78_NIL        = %LZ78_DICTIONARY
Function DeCompress_LZ(InBuf As String, OutBuf As String) As Long
      Dim Parents(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Local Word
      Dim abc(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Local Byte
      Dim abcPos As Local Word, abcSize As Local Word 
      Dim InStreamSize As Local Word, InStreamPos As Local Word
      Dim OutBufPos As Local Dword, rOutBufPos As Dword, OutBufSize As Local Dword
      Dim InBufPos As Local Dword, InBufSize As Local Dword
      Dim LastInBufPos As Local Dword
      Dim Parent As Local Word, rParent As Local Word
      Dim Initialized As Local Long
      OutBuf = "": InBufSize = Len(InBuf)
         If Initialized = 0 Then
            If LastInBufPos >= InBufSize Then Exit Do
            If LastInBufPos = 0 Then
               OutBufSize = CvDwd(InBuf, 1): LastInBufPos = 4
               OutBuf = Space$(OutBufSize)
               ReDim bOutBuf(0) As Local Byte At StrPtr(OutBuf) - 1
            End If
            InStreamSize = CvDwd(InBuf, LastInBufPos + 1)
            ReDim InStream(0) As Local Word At StrPtr(InBuf) + LastInBufPos + 2
            LastInBufPos = LastInBufPos + 2 + InStreamSize * 2
            abcSize = CvDwd(InBuf, LastInBufPos + 1)
            ReDim abc(0) As Local Byte At StrPtr(InBuf) + LastInBufPos + 2
            LastInBufPos = LastInBufPos + 2 + abcSize
            If (abcSize Mod 2) Then Incr LastInBufPos
            InStreamPos = 0: abcPos = 0
            Initialized = 1
           ' MsgBox Str$(abcSize) + Str$(InStreamSize) + Str$(LastInBufPos)
         End If
         Parent = InStream(InStreamPos)
         If abcPos < abcSize Then
            Parents(abcPos) = Parent
            Parent = abcPos
            Incr abcPos
         End If
         OutBufPos = rOutBufPos
         rParent = Parent
         While rParent <> %LZ78_NIL
            Incr OutBufPos
            rParent = Parents(rParent)
         While Parent <> %LZ78_NIL
            Incr rOutBufPos
            bOutBuf(OutBufPos) = abc(Parent)
            Decr OutBufPos
            Parent = Parents(Parent)
         Incr InstreamPos
         If InStreamPos >= InStreamSize Then Initialized = 0
End Function

Function Compress_LZ (InBuf As String, OutBuf As String) As Long
      Dim Parents(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Local Word
      Dim Childs(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Word
      Dim FirstChild(%LZ78_NIL) As Word
      Dim abc(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Local Byte
      Dim OutStream(%LZ78_DICTIONARY - 1) As Local Word
      Dim Top(255) As Local Word
      Dim OutStreamPos As Local Word
      Dim abcPos As Local Word
      Dim InBufSize As Local Dword, InBufPos As Dword
      Dim Parent As Local Word, rParent As Local Word, tParent As Local Word
      Dim Symbol As Local Byte, AlignMent As Local String
      Dim Initialized As Local Long
      OutBuf = ""
      InBufSize = Len(InBuf): If InBufSize = 0 Then Function = -1: Exit Function
      ReDim bInBuf(0) As Byte At StrPtr(InBuf) - 1
      For InBufPos = 1 To InBufSize
         If Initialized = 0 Then
            For tParent = 0 To 255: Top(tParent) = %LZ78_NIL: Next
            FirstChild(%LZ78_NIL) = %LZ78_NIL: Parent = %LZ78_NIL
            abcPos = 0: OutStreamPos = 0
            Initialized = 1
         End If
         Symbol = bInBuf(InBufPos)
         If Parent = %LZ78_NIL Then
            If Top(Symbol) <> %LZ78_NIL Then tParent = Top(Symbol) Else tParent = %LZ78_NIL
            tParent = FirstChild(Parent)
            While tParent <> %LZ78_NIL
               If abc(tParent) = Symbol Then Exit Do Else tParent = Childs(tParent)
         End If
         If tParent = %LZ78_NIL Then
            If Parent = %LZ78_NIL Then Top(Symbol) = abcPos
            abc(abcPos) = Symbol
            Parents(abcPos) = Parent
            rParent = FirstChild(Parent)
            Childs(abcPos) = rParent
            FirstChild(Parent) = abcPos
            FirstChild(abcPos) = %LZ78_NIL
            OutStream(OutStreamPos) = Parent: Incr OutStreamPos
            Incr abcPos
            Parent = %LZ78_NIL
            Parent = tParent
         End If
         If (abcPos >= %LZ78_DICTIONARY) Or (InBufPos = InBufSize) Then
            If Parent <> %LZ78_NIL Then OutStream(OutStreamPos) = Parent: Incr OutStreamPos
            If (abcPos Mod 2) Then AlignMent = " " Else AlignMent = ""
            If OutBuf = "" Then OutBuf = MkDwd$(InBufSize) ' header
            OutBuf = OutBuf + MkWrd$(OutStreamPos) + Peek$(VarPtr(OutStream(0)), OutStreamPos * 2) + _
                     MkWrd$(abcPos) + Peek$(VarPtr(abc(0)), abcPos) + AlignMent
            Initialized = 0
         End If
End Function
Function PbMain
     Local InBuf As String, OutBuf As String, InBufC As String
     Local i As Long, f As Long, t1 As Single, t2 As Single, t3 As Single
     f = FreeFile: ErrClear
     Open $SourceFile For Binary As #f
     If Err = 0 Then Get$ #f, Lof(f), InBuf
     Close #f
     If Err Then MsgBox "Can't read the source file": Exit Function 
     t1 = Timer
     For i = 1 To %nTest
        Compress_LZ InBuf, OutBuf
     t2 = Timer
     For i = 1 To %nTest
        DeCompress_LZ OutBuf, InBufC
     t3 = Timer 
     f = FreeFile: ErrClear
     Open $TargetFile For Output As #f
     If Err = 0 Then Print #f, OutBuf
     Close #f
     If Err Then MsgBox "Can't write the target file": Exit Function 
     MsgBox "Compress: " + Format$(1000 * (t2 - t1) / %nTest, "#.#") + " ms" + $CrLf + _
            "Decompress: " + Format$(1000 * (t3 - t2) / %nTest, "#.#") + "ms" + $CrLf + _
            "Ratio : " + Format$(Len(InBuf)) + " -> " + Format$(Len(OutBuf))
     If InBuf <>  InBufC Then MsgBox Str$(Len(InBufC)) + "troubles"
End Function

Mirror provided by Knuth Konrad