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PBCrypto.com Mirror

About this site

This site is a (content) mirror of the now defunct site PBCrypto.com.

PBCrypto history ...

... as far as I'm aware.

PBCrypto.com was created and maintained by Wayne Diamond. The site's source code collection (mostly) consists of - as the name suggestes - cryptographically related algorithms, written by members of the PowerBASIC community and submitted (I guess) to Wayne's PBCrypto.com for the benefit of fellow PB coders.

If you were/are a PB forum regular, you will recognize most, if not all, of the contributer's names.

Wayne gave up maintaining the site in 2000. Colin Schmidt kept hosting the site at least until 2007. At that time, Colin was looking for someone to maintain the site. It is not clear (to me) when Colin finally gave up hosting the contents and let the domain expire.

The goal ...

... of this mirror.

As mentioned above, PBCrypto.com no longer exists. However, one might accesss snapshots of it through Archive.org. This is also the place this mirror's content is taken from.

"Why duplicate it then?", you might ask. Well - I hope to provide the original contents in a more accessable way to fellow PB coders.

How to contribute ...

... to this mirror?

Two (similar) possibilities:

  • Send me an email to the address mentioned below, attach a ZIP with your source code file and a text file that includes the information necessary to create a meaningful entry on this site.
  • If you wanna go fancy (and serve my lazyness), instead of providing a text file along with your source code, download this XML file and fill in the values.

Given the above, I of course claim no ownership or copyright or anything else like that of the contents. All rights belong to the respective original inventors/authors.

This site is not affiliated with PowerBASIC Inc.

Send corrections and/or suggestions to pbcrypto at basicaware dot de.

Mirror provided by Knuth Konrad