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PBCrypto.com Mirror

Welcome, fellow PB coder!

This is the mirror of the now defunct PBCrypto.com.

All contents is provided "as is" for your convenience only. I also do NOT guarantee the correctness of the provided source code.

While I've changed the original's site layout, the contents itself is copied 1:1 from the original site, based on the Internet Archive's snapshot of the site.

And of course I therefore claim no ownership or copyright or anything else like that of the contents. All rights belong to the original inventors/authors.

A big thank you goes to Bern Ertl, who hunted down the new PB forum for all source code URLs.

A word of warning!
The code on this site, and therefore the algorithms implemented, sometimes dates back a long time. Machines, specifically the speed of CPUs/GPUs have advanced enormously meanwhile. Cryptoanalysis has also come a long way. The result of this is that parts of the algorithms on this site are no longer considered to be secure. So please make sure to consult the search engine of your choice to find out about the state of a specific algorithm, before implementing it in your application. "Unsecure" algorithms might still do the job for you, depending on your needs, i.e. hashing some files with MD5 for your private project will do. But you should refrain from using it for a commercial project due to its well-known collision attack weakness.

That said: Happy Coding!

Mirror provided by Knuth Konrad